Friday, October 11, 2013

Rate Change Jan 1st, 2014

Posted by James Convy on 9:44 AM

The complication of doing miniatures based on sizes has become too much of a burden for us. So, instead of trying to figure out that a land raider is a large model plus assembly plus a squad... We are switching to an hourly rate. Want a squad of space marines fast just too get them on the table? 1 hour. Want a display piece to sit in your cabinet? Ask for 5 hours. 

Just like auto repair, estimates on time will be made and held to. If you want 5 hours and it takes 3 to get it to te level you want then you only are charged 3 hours. If after 5 hours you want a little more then every hour over is extra cost. 

Now, saying this, I can paint fast. I will never ever lie to anyone saying it took 4 hours when it took 3. As always I will be as up front and honest as I can. 


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