Monday, January 14, 2013

Quick Easy Zombie Flesh

Posted by James Convy on 9:00 AM

I need to knock out 10 quick Axis Zombies for a 300 point tournament later this week. So, here is a quick and easy way to quickly do good looking zombie flesh.

Dust Warfare miniatures come pre-primed in a dark grey color.

First, thinly cover the flesh with P3 Midlund Flesh. Since we want old and newer zombies this should be done slapdash. Everything should be covered but the grey should be peaking through in some places.

Don't worry. These are not going to be healthy looking for long.

Wash the skin with GW Baal Red wash. Once again in a slap dash way. Newer zombies should have more red than older zombies.

Here is poor Sabine. Not only was he unfortunate to be named Sabine, he was recently assigned to kitchen duty for the great Axis army. During a freak kitchen accident involving a chicken, an Allied bomb, and a spatula, Sabine was killed. But! Death doesn't stop service in the great Axis army!

 Using P3 Thrall Flesh thinned start highlighting the raised edges of the flesh. The older the zombie the more necrotic the flesh will look. Add a little GW Ushabti Bone to the mix for where the skin is really taunt across the bone.

Oh poor Sabine. He hasn't been dead for too long so most of his flesh is still (almost) healthy looking...

GW Agrax Earthshade is used to shade the eye sockets and where the nose should be. Pretty much any hole.

See, Sabine. Being a zombie isn't all bad....

Finally, GW Ushabti Bone is added to the teeth. Use an up and down motion instead of across the teeth. You will get nicer looking teeth. Straight P3 Morrow White was used on the eye.... those cold dead eyes....

There you go! A squad of 10 undead monsters out for the flesh of the Allied living. Total time for the flesh, 30 minutes.

Behold the zombie horde!


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