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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

P3 Bronze winner - Croak Hunter

Posted by James Convy on 4:52 AM

Went to GenCon and entered my croak hunter. I think I did an amazing job and the judges agreed. I agree with the assessment that the browns were a little close and I should have taken the yellows and blues markings up over the neck.

Thanks to Privateer Press and everyone for the award!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Orange Crush is complete

Posted by James Convy on 7:39 PM

As you know, we have submitted 2 Models (actually 1 Model and 3 Solos) to Project Orange Crush and FoodMachine. The Galvanizer and the Attunement Servitors have shipped. We at 13th Hour Miniature are honored to be able to support the Project even in this small way.

Please please please, find a local gaming group doing Foodmachine and support this worthy cause.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Rate Change Jan 1st, 2014

Posted by James Convy on 9:44 AM

The complication of doing miniatures based on sizes has become too much of a burden for us. So, instead of trying to figure out that a land raider is a large model plus assembly plus a squad... We are switching to an hourly rate. Want a squad of space marines fast just too get them on the table? 1 hour. Want a display piece to sit in your cabinet? Ask for 5 hours. 

Just like auto repair, estimates on time will be made and held to. If you want 5 hours and it takes 3 to get it to te level you want then you only are charged 3 hours. If after 5 hours you want a little more then every hour over is extra cost. 

Now, saying this, I can paint fast. I will never ever lie to anyone saying it took 4 hours when it took 3. As always I will be as up front and honest as I can. 

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