Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ten Thunders Commission

Posted by James Convy on 5:50 AM

Gamers Lounge Bill commissioned me to paint one of the nicest models I have painted in a while: The new Ten Thunders for Malifaux. A little hard to assemble, but the bright yellow contrasted with the black (bumblebee color combo!) really makes these minis stand out on the table.

Commission: Table-Top painting on all troops. Mid level with some freehand on the masters

Ten Thunder Archers

You can find the Ten Thunders Totakage Tutorial over in the tutorial section of this link.

Misaki, Mistress of the Ten Thunders. Also known as, Misaki Oh look! Fish!

Misaki, Alternate Sculpt



Ototo aka Bam Bam


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