Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hyacinth Games Wreck Age Commission

Posted by James Convy on 6:13 AM

In 2225, the Earth was at the point of total collapse. Centuries of industrial pollution, nuclear waste and inexorable climate shifts had the planet on the brink of ecological failure. Countless efforts to heal the world had failed, each solution too little and far too late. Left with no alternative, world powers worked together to create humanity’s last chance – the Exodus. A bold plan involving several waves of evacuation ships, the Exodus promised survival for everyone. It was an escape. It was hope.

It was a lie.

Wreck Age is a fun game that I found at Adepticon. A mix between RPG and Mini Skirmish game, it was a nice change from random battles with no purpose other than two armies clashing against each other.

You can see the commission pieces and read up on Hyacinth Games' Wreck Age at


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