Saturday, January 5, 2013

Intercessor Kreoss Walkthrough

Posted by James Convy on 4:19 PM

Walkthrough of how I painted Intercessor Kreoss

First I cleaned and primed the model white with Dupli-Color car primer. I find it to be thinner and more accepting to paint especially on these above table top quality models.

I then painted the horse P3 Hammerfall Khaki as a base. Slowly adding P3 Rucksack Tan, I highlighted in a stripe pattern to give the illusion of hair. Adding some GW Bleached Bone I finished the final highlights in the same stripe pattern. I got the idea from watching The Painting Clinic's YouTube video.

I started the white portions of the armor by doing a preshade of P3 Thornwood Green mixed with P3 Menoth White Base. This gives solid shadows around the edges of the armor. Then, with straight thinned P3 Menoth White Base the color was slowly lightened moving from the edges in. I continued doing this adding P3 Menoth White Highlight decreasing the size of the highlight. Finally, a small amount of thinned P3 Marrow White was added to the upper most armor plates.

You can see on the armor the gradual shading into the recesses of the armor plates. As the armor plates where being done the cloth was being done in the same manner except in the same stripping highlight to give the feel of texture that was not needed on the armor plates. Here I also applied P3 Sanguine Base to the saddle to give some color for the pictures.

The purple base started as P3 Sanguine Base and the gold was P3 Brass Balls. I like using Brass Balls as a base for gold in the case here because the color includes some Sanguine Base in it. This ties the colors into the purple.

The first highlight was to add some P3 Beaten purple into the Sanguine Base. This shifts the purple into the red and adds a little color to it. The gold was washed with GW Earthshade to darken the recesses. Earthshade was also used to shadow the areas around the eyes.
The purple mix had very little P3 Trollblood Base added to shift it to a lighter blue/purple. This was used to highlight the purple areas. GW Shining Gold was (roughly) dry brushed in the gold areas hitting only the raised areas. The eyes were painted Menoth Highlight.

 GW Burnished Gold was used to highlight the gold edges. The eyes are painted green to compliment the red/purple. Freehand was done in Burnished Gold.

The hooves were painted P3 Greatcoat Grey and then GW Black. The raised hoof has a GW Boltgun Metal horse shoe painted on. The hair was painted Rucksack Tan and washed with GW Sepia Wash.


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