Friday, October 12, 2012

Painting Malifaux Ten Thunders Totakage

Posted by James Convy on 11:51 AM

 Here is a quick tutorial on painting Ten Thunders Totakage.

Paints I used:

  • P3 Hammerfell Khaki 
  • GW Iyanden Darksun foundation (now Averland Sunset)
  • GW Golden Yellow (now Yriel Yellow)
  • GW Ushabti Bone 
  • P3 Greatcoat Grey
  • P3 Pig Iron
  • GW Mithril Silver (now Runefang steel)
  • P3 Coal Black
  • GW Nulan Oil wash
Base Coat:

Start by prepping and priming your miniatures white.

Water down some Hammerfell Khaki and apply two light coats over the areas that will be yellow.

Apply a third light coat in the deepest cracks.

1st Layer:

 Thin the Iyanden Darksun with mixing medium or water. I have found mixing medium cuts the paint better than water but at this step either will work.

Apply the paint over the mini in a thin layer to tint the khaki color.

Apply a second thin layer missing the deepest cracks.

2nd and 3rd Layer:

 I am just adding paint to the previous mix on my wet pallet. As you can see on the left the next step is to add Golden Yellow until you can noticeably see a color change. This color will be your 2nd layer.

Start picking out the folds on the cloth with this mix. You still want to make sure that your paint is still thinned throughout the process.

When you are happy with that layer, add Ushabti Bone to the mix. Caution: Add in SMALL amounts as this will really push the color of the mix to an off white quickly.

Picking out the folds again, start to highlight the top of the folds and not the entire fold like you did in the 2nd Layer.

Add more Ushabti Bone to the mix till you have a off white color. Use this color to highlight the extreme edge of the fold.


We are cheating here to save time and still make the black look good on the table. This is meant for tabletop quality.

Color the black areas in a coat of Greatcoat Grey.

After completely dry, wash the areas with a heavy wash of Nulan Oil.

Wash again in the deepest cracks.

God back with the Greatcoat Grey and line highlight the top of the folds.

At this point you model should look like this:


There are two metals on the miniature: Blue anodized and steel.

Start by coating the weapons in Pig Iron and the face mask in Coal Black

When dry, wash both with Nulan Oil

Dry brush Pig Iron across the face mask

Highlight the face mask and weapons with Mithril Silver

 And there you have it. Finished tabletop Totakage


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